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Turn Signal Switch for Military Vehicles

Introducing the Military Turn Signal Switch, a top-of-the-line control device designed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of military and vehicular systems. Built with unwavering durability and unparalleled performance, this robust switch surpasses both military and commercial specifications, making it the ultimate choice for military trucks such as the HMMWV or Humvee and other military M Series vehicles.

Self-Cancelling Turn Signal

The Military Turn Signal Switch, known by its military part number 12447083, boasts exceptional features that ensure optimal functionality in even the harshest environments. Equipped with a self-canceling system, this switch offers added convenience by automatically canceling the turn signals, allowing drivers to focus on critical tasks without worrying about manually turning off the signals. This feature enhances operational efficiency and safety during high-pressure military operations.

Self cancelling Signal switch Assembly

Key Turn Signal Switch Advantages:

  • Standard for NSN 6220-01-408-7785; MIL 12447083
  • Equipped with a self-canceling system for added convenience
  • Features 30 amp snap-action switching capability
  • Incorporates large silver contacts for enhanced reliability and extended lifespan
  • All wiring is clearly identified, allowing for easy field retrofit
  • Available in different models: 1030-3 (3-wire manual canceling), 1030-6 (6-wire manual canceling), 1030-10-3 (3-wire self-canceling), and 1030-10-6 (6-wire self-canceling)

One of the key advantages of this turn signal switch is its impressive 30 amp snap-action switching capability. This enables seamless and reliable control of the turn signals, providing quick and precise signaling for enhanced communication on the battlefield or during logistical operations. Additionally, the switch incorporates large silver contacts, which not only contribute to its extended lifespan but also guarantee enhanced reliability, ensuring uninterrupted performance during critical maneuvers.

Furthermore, the Military Turn Signal Switch is designed to withstand extreme temperature conditions, operating reliably in environments ranging from -65°F to +160°F. Whether in scorching deserts or freezing tundras, this switch remains steadfast, making it the ideal choice for military vehicles deployed worldwide. Its field-proven reliability for over four decades speaks volumes about its unwavering performance, instilling confidence in soldiers and drivers alike.

Turn switch features:

  • Meets and surpasses both military and commercial specifications
  • Operates reliably in temperatures ranging from -65°F to +160°F
  • Demonstrates field-proven reliability for over 40 years
  • Designed for an operating voltage range of 18-32 VDC


The Turn Signal Switch, Military p/n 12447083, is a trusted choice that provides exceptional performance and reliability, meeting the stringent requirements of military and commercial applications.

Side view of the Turn Signal Switch Military
Turn Signal Switch Military
bottom view of the Turn Signal Switch Military

With its meticulously labeled wiring, this switch allows for effortless field retrofitting, enabling quick and hassle-free installations or replacements. This feature is especially beneficial in military settings, where adaptability and rapid response are paramount. The Military Turn Signal Switch is available in various models, including the 1030-3 (3-wire manual canceling), 1030-6 (6-wire manual canceling), 1030-10-3 (3-wire self-canceling), and 1030-10-6 (6-wire self-canceling), catering to diverse military vehicle requirements.

Operating within an impressive voltage range of 18-32 VDC, this turn signal switch provides compatibility with a wide array of military electrical systems. Its solid-state design ensures exceptional performance and longevity, delivering the reliability and robustness required in demanding military operations.

In summary, the Military Turn Signal Switch, with its unmatched quality and performance, is the definitive choice for military and commercial applications. This switch sets the standard, as evidenced by its NSN 6220-01-408-7785 and MIL 12447083 designation, guaranteeing the utmost reliability and functionality. Choose the Military Turn Signal Switch and equip your military vehicle with a control device that has been trusted for decades, ensuring the highest level of performance and safety in every mission.

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