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Smart Start System (S3, control remote switching)

Smart Start System
  • Smart Start System (S3) available on HMMWVs, MRAPs, MRUVs and FMTV, and other types of diesel
  • Integrates glow plug control, vehicle starting system, charging system control, and power management distribution.

Smart Start safeguards crucial components (starter and glow plug controllers)

The Smart Start (S3) System is a cutting-edge technology developed for military vehicles, providing advanced features for efficient and protected engine starting. With its protective control box, the S3 System safeguards crucial components like the starter and glow plug controllers, ensuring their longevity and optimal performance. By utilizing frequency-to-voltage conversion, the system monitors the alternator’s R-tap frequency, enabling precise control over the starter motor’s operation. It intelligently disables the starter motor when the engine speed surpasses a predetermined level, preventing potential damage and enhancing safety during starting procedures.


Electrical protection capabilities for military trucks

One of the key advantages of the Smart Start (S3) System is its comprehensive electrical protection capabilities. It incorporates circuitry that prevents load-induced voltage spikes, safeguarding sensitive electrical components such as the alternator regulator. Additionally, the system includes indicators like the wait-to-start lamp, which notifies the vehicle operator of the pre-glow cycle, and the brake warning lamp, which alerts the operator when the starter solenoid is engaged. These features enhance situational awareness and ensure smooth and controlled engine starting, even in challenging operational conditions.

The Smart Start (S3) System represents a significant advancement in vehicle starting technology, specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of military vehicles. With its advanced control algorithms and robust protective measures, the S3 System offers enhanced reliability, durability, and efficiency. By optimizing the starting process and providing comprehensive electrical protection, the system contributes to the overall performance and longevity of military vehicles, supporting mission success and ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment in the field.

Smart Start System (S3, control remote switching)

Smart Start (S3) FEATURES

  • Advanced electronic technology provides the highest operational readiness
  • High-performance glow plug temperature regulation (independent of battery voltage changes)
  • Wait to start the LED control
  • Brake warning LED lamp check
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Glow plug stacking protection (efficiently starts in cold weather)
  • Efficient form, fit & function (F3) compatibility
  • Vehicle transient load dump protection
  • S3 meets and exceeds Military 12480779

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