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The Clear Vision Safety System (CVSS) - Improving Visibility and Safety

Driving military vehicles

Welcome to the official page of the Clear Vision Safety System (CVSS) developed by Ascencioné-Defense. The CVSS is an innovative and cutting-edge product designed to enhance visibility and safety while driving military vehicles. We will walk you through the benefits, features, and step-by-step process of the CVSS. With its advanced technology, the CVSS offers unprecedented safety and clear vision, ensuring optimal performance even in challenging conditions. 

Clear vision Safety System Diagram

Features and Benefits of the CVSS

Heated Fluid: The CVSS utilizes heated fluid to efficiently clear frosted windows, reduce ice buildup on windshield wipers, and remove bugs and road grime from the windshield. This feature ensures clear visibility during adverse weather conditions.
Pressurized Fluid and Pressurized Air: The system is equipped with pressurized fluid and air delivery mechanisms, ensuring the effective dispersion of heated fluid and air to the individual camera and LIDAR lenses, eliminating dirt and frost build-up.

Application-Specific Variants

The CVSS is designed with versatility, offering application-specific variants to cater to different military vehicle architectures, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. 

Clear vision oh armored Military Vehicle

Fast-Controlled Heating and Efficiency

The CVSS is engineered for fast, controlled heating with minimum energy consumption and fluid use, providing efficient and reliable performance during critical missions.
Communication with Autonomous Vehicles: The CVSS boasts communication capabilities with autonomous vehicles, providing essential data such as temperature, altitude, rain status, and camera/LIDAR cleaning requirements.

Unmatched Expertise and Innovation

Ascencioné-Defense takes pride in its unparalleled experience in automotive technology development and the manufacture of CVSS systems. With dedicated research in heated fluid and optimized cleaning, the CVSS-HAV architecture is patented, ensuring cutting-edge innovation and top-tier performance.

Installation and Setup

  • The CVSS kit contains all the components needed for installation. Follow the step-by-step installation diagram provided in the manual to properly position the CVSS components, including the Heater Module and Controller Module. Proper mounting and hose connections are crucial for optimal performance.
  • The Vehicle Harness and CVSS Switch Harness feature color-coded wires, making it easier to connect to the vehicle’s battery, ignition, switch input, LED output, and communication wires.
  • To activate the CVSS, simply press and hold the button on the Switch Assembly for at least a second. The Status LED will indicate the system’s state, whether it’s in heating mode, ready to dispense, or turned off.

Troubleshooting and Support

In case of any issues, our manual provides a comprehensive troubleshooting section to help you identify and resolve potential problems quickly. Our support team is also available to assist with any queries or concerns.

See clearly with confidence on any mission.

The Clear Vision Safety System (CVSS) by Ascencioné-Defense offers military vehicles a revolutionary solution to enhance visibility and safety during missions. With its heated fluid, pressurized delivery, and efficient heating technology, the CVSS ensures clear vision in various weather conditions. Experience the unparalleled expertise and innovation that comes with the CVSS and drive with confidence on any mission.